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c. 2018 Melanie Manos

"DSO  Hosts Art Exhibition by Detroit Artists" by Michael Hodges, The Detroit News
"Envisioning Detroit as a Postindustrial Boomtown" by Sarah Rose Sharp, 
 06/04/2015  Hyperallegic
The ManosBuckius Coooperative video 101 Ways to Humanize Technology selected for Festival Miden, July 2015, Kalamata, Greece.  



03 Melanie Manos by Dennis Nawrocki  11/3/2014    Essay'd  
Filmed Actions with Movies in Mind: Extreme Art for Extreme Times, by Sue Spaid 09/2009 for Endurance:Daring Feats of RIsk, Survival and Perseverance
Critical Mass 2: Collaborations at Marygrove College by Nick Sousanis, thedetroiter.com  
Copycats @ CPOP by Nick Sousanis, thedetroiter.com