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Pedagogy, Curriculum Dev, Committee, Service

Curriculum/Course Dev

Stamps engagement committee - created the language for engagement at our department

(for example moving away from “outreach” as a term and ethos), moving toward long-term community partnerships; publications; website; curriculum development - design 


Member of University Engaged Learning Faculty Consortium

Art for Social Change in Japan - developed curriculum for international engagement

4D Faculty Cohort, Coordinator W20 

Art at Mott Hospital - developed this new course; taught in partnership with art therapy staff at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital

Committee Work

engagement committee


sophomore review committee

sophomore re-review committee 


senior integrative project committee

[2017-2018 was one of the two most-requested faculty for review committee by IP students]


graduate mentoring - multi-disciplinary w/performance Ruth Burke


go-to Detroit liaison - giving tours to visiting artists and academic guests


go-to Detroit liaison - giving tours to visiting artists and academic guests

i.e. recent Academic from England


liaison to Mott Childern’s hospital/ art therapy team

[one student now has a full-time position at Mott with the Play Therapy team having developed a Lego cart

another student I put in touch with music therapist who worked with her on developing her interactive sculptures that incorporate sound for her senior project; several students now in Art Education and Art Therapy graduate programs.]


letters of recommendation for students during matriculation and post-graduation


support student events - show up, give feedback, such as InterArts presentations, pop-up exhibition on LGBTQ at Duder,

twice nominated for MLK award 


Japan - Maintained correspondence with Japanese partners throughout the year in order to keep the partnerships vital and energetic so that the program could continue.  

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