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University of Michigan Stamps School of Art & Design, Lecturer II, 2014 - 2020

                                                                               Lecturer I, 2008 - 2013

4D Time-based  click for student work examples

2018-14  Studio 4D: Time  (Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Dragonframe) 

Required core studio course that focuses on both the concepts of time-based art and design and the tools and methods necessary to create this work. Assignments in video, animation, sound, and real time/live art serve to provide students with a range of approaches to creating works that utilize time and movement and are experiential in nature.


2013-11  Tools, Materials, Processes III (Final Cut Pro X, Audacity) 

Required core studio course that focuses on both the concepts of time-based art and the tools and methods necessary to create this work.  

2D click for student work examples

2018-2017  Photoshop Workshop

Half semester course working with basic and intermediate Photoshop CC tools and techniques.  Course is open to non-majors but preference is given to Art & Design majors.

2018-14   Illustrator Workshop (Adobe Illustrator CC)

Half-semester course introducing the novice to digital illustration with Adobe Illustrator. Students learn vector-based image creation skills and are able to complete increasingly complex assignments with confidence. This course provides technical support and resources, and encourages continued development beyond the classroom.


2011-08  Digital Studio (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Sketchup, iWeb)  

Required core studio course providing an introduction to computing processes integral to contemporary art and design practice.


2009  Concept, Form, & Context: Human Being 

Required core studio course with a focus on problem solving and problem generation. This course uses Human Being:Being Human as the basis for investigation, with projects designed to address conceptual, formal, contextual and presentational issues.

Engagement click for student work examples

2017-10  Detroit Connections: In the Classroom   detroitconnections/,  

Connecting A&D students with 4th graders at Bennett School in Detroit through visual arts projects, this class is a combination of work with children at the Bennett campus, contextual projects, site visits and literature that address the issues of urban schools, Detroit’s history     and neighborhoods, and the radical transformation creative work can have on cognitive development and civic engagement.


2016-13  Art for Social Change: Japan    

Students spend three weeks in Kyoto and in Shigaraki, the ancient ceramic center of Japan now acclaimed for progressive work with people with cognitive disabilities.  Students work collaboratively with local artists, school children and curatorial staff from area museums to experience the impact of art on community.  The course also explores contemporary social art practices including Naoshima Island's Art House Project as well as installations by James Turrell, Walter De Maria, and Yayoi Kasuma at the Chichu Museum and throughout the island. 

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