Put Her on a Pedestal

A multi-tiered, multi-media project seeking to plot and analyze the visual representation of women vis-a-vis public statuary in the United States.  The goal of the project is to expand knowledge and acknowledgement of women’s roles in the development of our country and communities by putting forth candidates for future statues, as well as questioning existing definitions of heroism and leadership. Put Her on a Pedestal will include a website database of maps and photographic documentation of existing statues as well as biographies and images of prominent and lesser-known women of varying ethnic and economic status throughout U.S. history culled from a variety of sources.  The project will culminate in site/place-specific live and mediated performances of suggested new statues in which I introduce worthy candidates using projected imagery and temporary plinths; and a narrated video documentary from all sites and performances including unscripted interviews with community members at each location.

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The Climb III

Under development in partnership with Colin Fulton, the new work will advance to a multi-channel, adaptive format that will give us the flexibility to project onto a variety of buildings and structures.  We are in post-production, after a preliminary green screen shooting October 2015 and week-long shoot February 2016 at the University of Michigan Duderstadt Video Studio.

View The Climb and The Climb II.  

Half-way House

Located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, this residence combines studio and living areas, and is a half-way stopping point between Detroit, Brighton, and Ann Arbor, a triangle of locations that I navigate in my work, art practice, social and family life.  It is also available to visiting artists who need a place to stay.  I am intriqued by the older suburbs of Detroit that are tucked in to the city's boundaries and are areas of surprising demographic diversity in an otherwise segregated metropolis.

1,000 Drawings 
Ink, color pen, hand made paper from Shigaraki Seinenryo, Shiga, Japan.
1,000 Drawings is in reponse to my good fortune in traveling to Japan and experiencing cities, countryside, and gardens that fill my head with patterns, shape, and harmony, presenting a different response to built and natural elements from the western world. These drawings are also inspired by the dedicated art practice of residents at Shigaraki Seinenryo, a home for the cognitively challenged.