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student responses to a live art assignment asking them to activate a space on north campus using themselves in relation to place, people and/or objects, and motivated by issues they discussed and wrote about in small groups prior to developing their performance


List Magic Lists fill our lives, offering the promise of order.  Lists can also be rich narrative and poetic devices. For this project your challenge is to record and edit a short but vivid audio piece in the form of a list using only sounds and voices you have recorded yourself using the Zoom H2.

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Vox Humana (Voice Collage) Create an audio collage, based on your recordings of three people with contrasting voices, each interpreting a text you have “re-assembled.” Your goal is a sonically engaging piece, from start to finish. Record with the Zoom H2, and then edit/layer in Final Cut X.

Audio Dada - E. Schau
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